Woonsocket Roots

Wendy Romblad (now Wendy Mooney) is returning to the program that she once played for and coached.

Wendy stepped away from coaching at Woonsocket for several years, but now she is happy to be back at her alma mater.

“I left due to welcoming my daughter, but now I have more time to get back to what I use to enjoy,” said Wendy.

After graduating from Woonsocket High School in 1994, where she had a great volleyball career, she went on to play for URI. She entered the Rhody program as a red-shirt freshman, but eventually earned a full scholarship to play on the volleyball team.

After college, Wendy served as Ruth Plante’s assistant coach at Woonsocket for about six years, prior to taking over as the head coach for about four years.

Now, Wendy is looking forward to sharing her experience and knowledge of the game with a new generation of Woonsocket student-athletes.

“I’m looking to teach these girls some of the basics and eventually work our way back up from Division III,” said Wendy. “I’m  also looking forward to passing on all I’ve learned from great coaches like Ruth Plante, Joanne Fitts, Vicki Tefft, Bob Schneck, Kengy Bell, Corey Maack, Mike Harrington, Dan Greene and many others. Like any sport, you learn more than just the game. At this day and age when kids seem lost or what have you, it’s nice to see them come together and learn how to be a good person from teamwork and dedication. I hope to instill in my players what was taught to me so they too may become better people, not just better athletes.”